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Stakeholder Spotlight: Dr. Keo Cavalcanti

Posted November 19, 2012 • Filed Under Stakeholder Spotlight

We’re back for another Spotlight! Introducing one of our Board Members: Dr. Keo Cavalcanti!

As a Brazilian Native, Keo was introduced to the agency upon attending a fundraiser showcasing Brazil with his wife. From there, Keo accepted the offer to become a Board Member in November 2011. Keo is especially interested in the work that NewBridges does as a sociology professor and an immigrant with a personal and academic interest in immigration.

Keo values the work of NewBridges as a critical component in helping local residents welcome newcomers to their community. Annual fundraisers showcasing other cultures are Keo’s favorite events that NewBridges does. They are open to both non-client community members and clients, so they are a fantastic way to honor human diversity.

Along with many in the NewBridges community, Keo loves to explore ethnic restaurants and coffee shops in Harrisonburg. Some of his favorites include Las Chamas, Earth and Tea Café, Taste of Thai, Taste of India, Beyond, and Blue Nile. He also really loves to interact with others in the JMU and Harrisonburg community about Brazilian music. With events like the one he and his wife attended, and two music professors at JMU specializing in Brazilian music, events for the larger community are available!