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Stakeholder Spotlight: Jossimar Diaz Castro

Posted December 2, 2012 • Filed Under Stakeholder Spotlight

We hope you are all enjoying the winter weather and a season of celebration to come!!
The next spotlight we will be having is Jossimar Diaz Castro, a federal work study student with NewBridges.

Jossimar was introduced to NewBridges when volunteering at a community registration for the Mexican Consulate about three years ago. Since that experience interaction continued and Jossimar is currently working for NewBridges through the EMU work study program. In that capacity he has assisted with Mexican and Honduran consulate registrations and visits, immigrant panels, and supported community-bonding instances like the Harrisonburg international festival, Red-Barn festival, etc. Consulate events are what Jossimar enjoys most about his work with NewBridges, because of the interaction between two countries he cares for most: Mexico and the US.

Jossimar’s favorite places to go to in Harrisonburg are the local Latin American Pentecostal, Mennonite, Evangelical, Catholic, and Mormon congregations and some bar in Harrisonburg that creates a friendly ambiance -fair music, beer, and people: Artful Dodger, Clemetines, and even Finnigan’s Cove!