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The NewBridges Immigration Clinic

Posted November 19, 2015 • Filed Under Immigration

The Board of Immigration Appeals awarded recognition to NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center as an approved site and Alicia Horst was accredited to provide immigration legal counsel in December, 2014.

Over the last 6 months, NewBridges has been meeting with people to provide consultations, representation, and/or referrals to attorneys. We offer this service for a nominal fee that is approved by The Board of Immigration Appeals for those persons who cannot afford an attorney’s fees.

It is especially important that immigrants not consult with local “notarios,” persons who offer to fill out paperwork for a fee and lack training and supervision. Local immigrant families have received incorrect legal counsel that has jeopardized their entire process and separated family members for many years. For any questions regarding the immigration process or to request a consultation, please call us at 540-438-8295.