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New Voices at NewBridges: Lindsay Wright

Posted October 10, 2016 • Filed Under Uncategorized



Hi there, my name is Lindsay Wright, and I am the new voice of the NewBridges blog! Keep reading for some more information about me and the blog’s future direction.

In 2012, my status as a student at James Madison University (JMU) brought me from McLean, VA to Harrisonburg, where the mountainous backdrop, kind people, and easy-going culture made an impression on me. I graduated from JMU in May 2016 with a double major in Cultural Communication and Spanish. Over the four years of my college career, I gradually fell in love with life in the Shenandoah Valley. In the spring of 2014, I started attending Church of the Incarnation, a small Anglican church located in downtown Harrisonburg. My involvement in that community–full of unique, passionate people committed to seeking the good of the city–made me feel even more connected to this place. As a result, I decided to stick around after graduation and participate in a nine-month fellowship at Incarnation.

The purpose of the Incarnation Fellows Program is to help myself and the two other fellows transition into “real life” well, as we discern our career paths and figure out the intersection of faith and work.  As a marketplace fellow, my time is split between working in the church’s office and an internship placement. My professional interest lies in exploring the field of immigration, and was catalyzed during my time studying abroad in the Dominican Republic. Over the course of my college career I spent time in the country on three separate occasions, where I learned about the experience of Dominicans of Haitian descent, many of whom face discrimination at the hand of political and social institutions. Understanding the vulnerable state these individuals live in made me curious about the lived experiences of immigrants in my own community in Harrisonburg, which is one of the most diverse cities in Virginia. The culmination of these experiences and interests subsequently led me to NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center, where I will be interning until the end of May.

During my time at New Bridges I will be spending my time working with clients as well as creating content for NewBridges’ online platforms. This two-pronged focus will provide hands-on experience in the immigration field and inform the writing projects that will be featured on the blog, which I plan on updating at least twice a month. Keep an eye out for informational and investigative posts discussing topics such as the intricacies of the Unites States immigration system,the relationship between the church and the immigrant community, and the path to citizenship. I also plan to spotlight churches, businesses, individuals, and events that work for and with the immigrant community in the Harrisonburg area. My hope is that this blog will provide a unique platform to discuss important  national issues at the local level.  Please follow along to ponder, learn, and discuss with me!